Friday, May 3, 2013

Chopsticks object & accessories for poses

I have made those chopsticks because I needed them for my story. There are poses related to them and you can find them here.

I made three different variations of the chopsticks and they are all in the same object/accessory. The second variation (wood) only has one area recolor, the two others have two areas to recolor or change texture.

The object:
It contains one chopstick only, because I wanted to be able to place two so that wouldn't seem too symmetrical. In the end I didn't used them for the story, but I include them in the download.

The accessory:
Can be used by teen to elder, male and female.
For pose makers who would like to use them, one of the chopstick is attached to the thumb_0 joint, while the other one is attached to index_1. To put them in place, the index has to be rotated towards the thumb. It's the closest position to how you hold chopsticks that I could find.


This file includes both the object and accessory, in both formats.

Tools used:

Pose: Kilhian
Hair: Newsea
Decor: Japanese restaurant made by Clarisse for my story
CC in them: Kotatsu table by Severinka, painting by Pralinesims (I think)
(sorry if I forgot some, let me know and I will add it)


  1. Hello Kilhian,
    You got it !
    J'suis trop contente que tu ai finalement réussi...j'adore

    1. Merci, tu sais combienj'y ai travaillé et comment ces chopsticks m'ont mené la vie dure :p Mais je suis assez contente du résultat ^_^

  2. Hey kilhian! I love the hairstyle you used for her.
    I tried to find it on newsea but couldn't find it, do you perhaps know the name of the hairstyle?


    1. It's the Newsea Holic.
      I have the original and two retextures, and there are probably more.
      The one I'm using is from Anubis I think:

    2. Thanks ;)
      keep up the good work, I love it :D


How to install

Most of the time when possible I give you the possibility to install as either Sims3Pack or Package.
Pick up a format you rather use (poses can only be installed as Packages), and install it in your game:

If you use EA Launcher:

Place the .sims3pack file in your folder My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads
Run the Launcher, click the Download panel on the left and select the files you want to install before pressing the Install button.
Note: You do not need to keep the file in this folder, it can be removed safely once installed and the Launcher/game is closed.

Place the .package file in your folder My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages
If you do not have or do not know how to set up the Mods folder, I wrote a tutorial here.
Note: If you have too many files in this folder you should consider merging them or it will make your game load and render slower. Aikea Guinea wrote a tutorial about it, see here.

If you use CC Magic:

This launcher manages both types, so you can place any .sims3pack and .package files you want in
My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads
For those who don't know about it, you can find the installation here and a tutorial there.
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